Don't just go Hardcore - Go Numb or Go Home!

Why create a retail store that specializes in Performance Fitness Apparel, Hardcore Workout Gear, Outdoor, Survival and Emergency Preparedness Supplies? Simple - We're Not Dick's - We're Numbskullz! And we don't like shopping in the Big Box stores any more than you do.

What we're attempting would be considered revolutionary in today's Health, Fitness & Survival Markets - We're coming "full circle" and actually bringing back to our valued customers, real "Mom & Pop-Style" Service, Passion and Value. We can honestly get away with saying this because in all probability, we're actually old enough to be your real Mom & Pop. When it comes to being healthy and fit, age is just a number. Chew on that one for a while!

So, come on in to our little retail location in Upstate New York and give us a try. Or, shop us online 24/7 in the convenience of your underwear if you like - We don't mind and we won't tell anyone, either. But, you can rest assured that we'll get your orders right out to you so you've got something clean to put on - Your Mom & Pop would be so proud. Juuust kidding... we're kidders.

Seriously though, we're rebooting our entire operation and just getting things started... again.  With that said, we'd really like to offer you our sincerest thanks for shopping by. We also hope you'll check back often as we continue to grow and add new inventory. Then you too, can experience why we say "Go Numb... or Go Home"!