Our Story

So, who in their right mind would name their business Numbskullz, Inc.? And who would turn their entire business model upside down in order to focus on the Fitness and Survival Industries? At we happen to do things differently around here and yes, it was my idea. Hello, my name is Kevin Ireland... and "not only am I the President (of Numbskullz, Inc.), I'm also a client". Hmmm, that tagline does sound a bit familiar. Well, if you're my age or older (I'm just a tad over 60) it will surely make sense to you, especially if you've ever spent any time watching television in the 1980's. Otherwise you're gonna have to google the tagline above...
So, let me tell you how it all began:
A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away...
Ooops! Nope... wrong story. Let me try that again. OK, here goes... Numbskullz, Inc. was established in the summer of 2007 as the brain child of 2 rather unusual electricians. One was always looking for a place to play "nerdy" table-top games, collectible trading cards and role-playing adventures and the other was looking for a place to display his extensive collection of comics, action figures, models and collectibles. A partnership was formed, an appropriate name was chosen (* more on that later) and a retail location was acquired. Voila' - Numbskullz, Inc. was born and we were in business!
Fast forward to more recent times and things have changed up a bit. The original partnership is now long dissolved and after having been forced to shut down the retail side of the business for a significant period of time due to a fire having ripped through the building we were located in, you might say that the economy was not the only thing that "crashed and burned" in the last decade. The odds were not in our favor and it just seemed impossible to recover from that. So, I freely admit it... our first retail business venture together absolutely failed - but not for a lack of trying though - simply too many obstacles to overcome all at once, I guess. On the plus side though, we did make it past the 5 year mark which business experts will tell you is a real milestone, especially for a first attempt at running a "Bricks and Mortar" retail store. Anyway, that no longer matters now because we have learned several valuable lessons along the way. The foremost of which is that "true failure only occurs when you actually give up trying" and that success necessitates the need to fail on an occasion or two or ten - or however many times it takes till you get it right.
So that's a little bit of our history here at Numbskullz, Inc. - We're just trying to "Get It Right". What we are currently focusing all of our attention on now, is serving the needs of those with a passion for Health and Fitness as well as those who have an interest in Survival and Emergency Preparedness. I personally received my "calling" a few years back with some serious health issues that could have put me under, 6 ways to Sunday, if I didn't make some significant lifestyle changes. Also, if you haven't been living under a rock lately, I'm sure that you too, are well aware that we're living in some potentially perilous times - the era of carefree living without a worry in sight is long gone for sure, unfortunately. Now we have to contend with world-wide political & social strife, the constant threat of terrorism, environmental pollution the likes of which the planet may never recover from, all manner of toxins, weather pattern changes, obesity and reduced health from consuming a diet of highly processed and/or Genetically Modified Foods (GMO's), and dangerous side effects from doctor-prescribed drugs that are supposed to actually relieve suffering, but more often than not simply compound the problem. With a myriad of other serious issues going on in the world today, this page alone simply could not fit them all.
So, we believe that it isn't coincidental that the activities, the products and the gear that encompass the Fitness and Survival Lifestyles are not mutually exclusive, but rather there is a strong relationship between the two as each complements the other on so many different levels.
We also firmly believe that wherever you are - either At Home, In The Gym, On The Street or even On The Go - You should not only Be Prepared for "Come What May", but also have the confidence of looking and feeling your best while taking back your Health and progressing to ever greater levels of Strength and Fitness. It simply can't be assumed any longer that having a few active brain cells and a discernible heartbeat qualifies one as being healthy and fit anymore. Seriously though, what better way to increase your odds of Surviving in the Modern World than by making a Committed Investment in Your Health, Your Mind and Your Body? We believe that this is the Most Fundamental Form of Preparedness one can attain to and that's why we're attempting to bring together all under one roof - Stylish, High-Quality Apparel along with Functional Fitness and Survival Gear sourced from some of the best suppliers from around the World. It's our goal to meet the needs of the Highly Motivated and the Highly Prepared. With that said, Thank you so much for checking us out.

Sincerely ~ Numbskullz President

* I got the name for the store from my two dogs. They've long since passed, but I used to call them "numbskulls" or "nummies" for short. That's Bonnie on the left and Clyde on the right. "Miss them, I do..."